Trails & Hikes

Damonte Ranch Wetland Loop

The wetland loop spans nearly five miles and can be used as a walking or cycling path. Don’t let the distance deter you the loop has beautiful, protected, scenery and has very little elevation change. Pets are welcome, though they must be on a leash.

Damonte Ranch Hills Hike

Starting above Damonte Ranch HS, this hike spans almost 5 and a half miles and will take at least 2-3 hours.  Most of the path is a solid dirt road but you will be going over some steep loose dirt/rocks and depending on the season possibly snow.  This hike has quite a bit of elevation climb, so make sure to bring proper snacks and clothing, it can get cold at the top.  If you’re hiking in the spring keep your eyes out for the creek as it turns into a mini white water rapid.

South Meadows Trails

Another five-mile loop, the South Meadows Trail is a fully paved path that can be used for hiking or cycling.  Pets are welcome, though they must be leashed.  The full loop may be 5 miles but the elevation gain is only 60 feet and you can get on and off the trail at your leisure.  Entry points include Center Creek park, Comstock park, Evergreen park, and Horizon view park.

Lakeview Loop Trail

The Lakeview loop is a short, less than a mile, natural hike with 190 feet of elevation gain.  With beautiful views of wildflowers (depending on season), Alexander lake, and the Sierras, this hike is sure to put your mind at ease.  As with many of our trails, dogs are allowed but must be leashed.  Mountain biking is permitted on this trail, so keep an eye out and share the path.

Twin Peaks Trail

This short .25 mile trail can be added to the end of the Lakeview Loop if you want to catch some spectacular views.  Hiking to the top of one of the Twin Peaks you’ll be able to see Peavine, downtown Reno, Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain.  It’s well worth the extra effort, but you will want to wear sturdy shoes as you’ll be hiking over a natural dirt and rock path.  Pets are welcome, but must be leashed.

Western Loop Trail

Connected to the Lakeview Loop trail, the Western loop is a 1.4 miles hike on a dirt path with easy terrain.  Experiencing only 265 feet of elevation gain, this path will take 1-2 hours for most to hike.  Pets are welcome, but must be leashed.